To keep today’s sports fans engaged, broadcasters need to constantly create and deliver a higher volume of captivating, tailor-made content as the action happens—across the multiple devices and outlets viewers choose. But being able to win over audiences can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools.

Avid’s sports solutions integrate together as a team, empowering you with the technology, efficiency, creativity, and protection you need to champion your content across multiple screens—whether on the jumbotron at the stadium, or on TVs, computers, and mobile devices at home.




Maximize your live and studio sports production capabilities


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See how Avid Spark helps broadcasters engage football fans


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Managing massive volumes of media at the Olympics in Rio

Meeting the challenge

Produce entertaining and enlightening sports shows in the studio and replay exciting video highlights and moments at the game with Avid’s industry-leading tools.

  • Keep up with increasing content demands using integrated video and audio tools that streamline your workflow
  • Generate revenue to offset escalating production costs by inserting virtual ads that can be tied to the field or displayed standalone
  • Overcome scattered viewership and capture audiences across all platforms with instantaneous on-air, online, and on mobile publishing
  • Hold viewer attention and capitalize on all the excitement with engaging 2D and 3D graphics and high-quality slow-motion replays
  • Engage fans by quickly accessing relevant clips with our secure, software-defined storage solutions
  • Get the most from your investment and easily leverage your content for scoreboard highlights, commercials, web video, live streaming, and more
  • Produce and edit content remotely, making it easy to create at away games and training sites

Integrated hardware & software

Asset Management

Systems and options to organize, track, and maximize the value of your media

Audio (DAW)

Professional music and audio production software and hardware

Augmented Reality

Design and production tools for generating in-studio 3D virtual objects

Broadcast Graphics

Comprehensive tools to create and enhance on-air and in-studio presentations

Media Suite Modules

Options that extend and maximize the efficiency of your media production workflow

Newsroom Management

Professional media production and automation tools for news journalists and producers

Sports Enhancement

Interactive tools to enhance viewer comprehension and their experience


Industry-proven shared and nearline storage systems for audio and video workflows

Video (NLE)

Professional video editing software and hardware

Video Servers

Multichannel video servers that provide near-instantaneous ingest-to-playback turnaround

Video Wall Control

High-resolution systems for controlling and displaying graphics and video in the studio

Virtual Studio

3D design and production tools for generating virtual studio environments


Avid Sports Bundle | Remote Productions

Go to where the game and action are and produce multimedia-rich content and analysis from anywhere in the world

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Avid Sports Bundle | Trucks

Deliver highly engaging, multimedia-rich sports presentations, packages, and analysis from inside any size OB truck or van

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Avid Sports Bundle | EDU

Get everything you need to cover your school’s games and sporting events with this specially priced solution designed for college sports

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TD Control Studio Display Bundles

Control and manage high-res video wall content with cost-effective bundles

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ProSet Virtual Studio Bundles

Transform the look and feel of your broadcast environment with cost-effective bundles

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Maximize your live and studio sports production capabilities

Webinar: Spark

Draw out the play action live with stunning sports graphics

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Produce sports and news highlights at an incredible speed

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