How It Works

Avid Cloud Collaboration is a platform that connects you to a premier network of artists, musicians, producers, engineers, and mixers, enabling powerful yet easy collaboration.
Avid Cloud Collaboration for Pro Tools is powered by high-performance, highly secure, cloud server technology. With new features and connections built into Pro Tools and Pro Tools | HD software (starting with version 12.5), you can rest assured that all of your creative work will be safe and secure. Only you and your fellow collaborators will have access to your space.
Make connections in the Avid Artist Community
Be heard on a global stage, find collaborators, and gain the exposure you need to promote your talent. The online Avid Artist Community is a great place to connect with an extensive network of artists, musicians, producers, engineers, and mixers to showcase your work. It’s free to join and use—simply log in with your Avid Master Account. Or create an account if you don’t already have one.

Unlike social music sites that simply allow you to share and promote your music, the Avid Artist Community is designed to help you forge more meaningful connections with the audio community. Here are just some of the things you can do…

  • Share tracks and promote your work, upcoming gigs, and more by creating a profile
  • Expand your creative and career opportunities by finding and connecting with others to collaborate
  • Follow artists and join groups to share info and be part of the conversation
  • Get advice and seek help through group connections or our Community Support pages

Learn the Basics

Get an in-depth walkthrough of Pro Tools Cloud Collaboration in this series of videos.

Video 1
1. Create your profile

Video 2
2. Create a new project (what is a project?)

Video 3
3. Or convert a session

Video 4
4. Get familiar with the tools

Video 5
5. Find and invite collaborators

Video 6
6. Share tracks and collaborate